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Jeff and I hosted our first ever wine tasting party last Friday night. It was a huge success. We had some great friends join in the fun and had a night full of laughs. Not only was it our first time hosting a wine party but it was also my first craft project in a while. Since it was the first craft project in a while I decided why not blog about it. So here goes 🙂 (More on the party after the craft project):

So I decided that I would make my own wine covers for the party to cover the wine labels. In this decision I went to one of my favorite sites Pinterest. After a couple hours of searching (ok I might have gotten a little distracted, hey its easy to do on this site) I found the perfect project DYI Wine Covers from Men’s Dress Shirts! Once I decided this was the perfect project I knew I couldn’t use any of Jeff’s shirts, as he wouldn’t be too happy about that, so I made my way to the local op shop and found some great buys. Then I came home and started crafting away. The site was quite vague as to how to make the best cover so I played around a bit (which meant lots of stitch ripping) but soon came out with a product I enjoyed. Here are the steps:

1. Lay out the shirt on a flat surface and measure the length from the cuff. I did 1 inch long then the bottle to compensate for the hem.

2. Cut the shirt on the marks you made. I used scissors but a rotary cutter would be a lot easier. Then you could cut more then one at a time. But my rotary cutter is back in the states.

3. Flip the sleeve inside out and sew the hem along the cut side of the sleeve (opposite of the cuff). I did mine about a 1/2 of an inch but its up to you.

4. I then decided to box the corners. Now it didn’t say to do this in the blog post but I thought it would make the sleeve look more complete when done and give the bottom a “shelf” to stand on. Now I don’t have my cutting mat here in Australia so I kind of cheated. I just put my finger in the corner and made a triangle that I was happy with and then sewed a straight line about an inch in from the tip. It seemed to work as they didn’t have to be perfect box corners in my opinion on this craft, as I was using them at a wine party rather than a gift for someone.

5. Repeat the box corner on the other side.

6. This is what it will look like inside out.

7. Turn right side out and insert wine bottle. Add a ribbon or string to tie around the neck of the bottle. I used some elastic ribbon I had laying around the house but you could use whatever you like.

8. Repeat steps one through seven to complete as many as you like. I needed ten for our wine night so here are the final ten.

Here they are all filled with the ten wine bottles:

We had never thrown a wine party but had been apart of a few different ones. Because of this we made our own rules. Each person had to bring a bottle of wine; white or red and it couldn’t be over $20. When they came in the door I took their wine and went and put the sleeve on it. Once everyone had arrived we started the tastings. I had also made little note papers for everyone to their notes on (I forget to take pictures of these but you can see some of them in the photos below). We tasted white wine first and it was in no particular order. The guests had to decide the grape varietal and then rate the wine with a star rating from one to five (five being the best and one being the worst; no repeat star ratings either). Then we moved on to reds and did the same system of rating and choosing the grape varietal. Once everyone had their scores in I took the ratings from everyone and found out which one was the favorite white wine, the favorite red wine and the least favorite wine overall for the night. We then reviled the wines from their sleeves to find out who brought the favorite, least favorite and which grape varietal the wines were. I then gave the prizes for the favorites,least favorite and who was the wino (knew the most grape varietals). Overall it was a great night and we can’t wait to host the next one, I mean I need to use those sleeves again don’t I?



The aftermath:

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