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I have come to the realization that I am addicted to something, it’s not a bad thing but I can’t seem to get enough of it. I never in a million years thought I would be either. It took a lot of convincing to just try it to begin with but now I can’t seem to live without it. OK I will (wo)man up and confess my addiction (that’s the first step right?) …

I am addicted to my Kindle!

Whew I said it!

Let’s give you the back story to this little tale. It was right after we got married and right before we were making the trek down here. Jeff suggested that we get ourselves Kindles as wedding presents to each other (this was like October/November… mind you we had been married for a couple months). I was whole heartily against this idea, I loved holding the “real” books and (not to be weird) I loved the smell of a new book. But Jeff pleaded his case as such:

  • It will be a lot less work to ship a Kindle to Australia then all your books
  • It’s a lot lighter in your bag then the books you read
  • It stores all your books in one place and can store up to 3500 books
  • And you can get cute covers for it (I think this is what won me over really)

He told me if I really didn’t like it after we bought it we could try and resell it and I could go back to my “real” books. So we bought them and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I loved having it on the plane ride down here and it was a lot easier than trying to ship all my books down too. Also, it was a good thing we did it before we moved down here because if I thought books were expensive back home, I had a new thing coming to me here!  I have loved having my kindle for almost two years now but it wasn’t until recently that I have become addicted.

With it being so easy to get books and have them at my fingertips, I am reading more than I ever did in my life. I have always been an avid reader but this makes it so easy. Before I had the Kindle, I would finish a book and then have to wait until I made it to the store or the library before I could get another one. But now I can just download another one right on to the Kindle when I am finished with a book.

Now comes the confession: Since I am not working I have ample amounts of time to read during the day, which in turn has feed my addiction! Jeff has always been fully supportive in my reading spending and has never really brought it up, until the other night. Here’s what happened:

Jeff: So I think I need to introduce you to the library

Me: Um I love my Kindle and I am not gonna betray it and head to the library for “real” books

Jeff: Honey, you can rent books from the library onto your Kindle so you don’t betray it

Me: Oh I don’t know how to do that, when I look for books it only brings me to the Kindle store

Jeff: I will show you, I have used it and it works great

Me: What has brought this on? I have been using my Kindle for a couple years and you didn’t say anything before.

Jeff: Well you have been reading a lot more and was just thinking it might be easier for you to read them from the library as most times you don’t reread the book and (in joking voice) ‘I think we will go broke buying all these books with how quickly you have been reading them.’

Me: True I guess I did just read 5 books in less than a week, well ‘what if the library doesn’t have the book I want’ (in whiny child voice)

Jeff: Honey, I am not saying you can’t not buy books, I am just saying check to see if the books are at the library before buying them on Amazon cause you read them quicker then when you have to return the book so it’s a win win for everyone

Me: OK well I will check this library thing but if it’s not cool or too complicated I am going back to the Kindle Store

Jeff: (shakes his head at me) OK Honey whatever you say {I think he already knew something I didn’t know}

Jeff sets me up on the library page (we have a Pierce County Library card so that is the site we were using) and I fell in love!!! All these books at my fingertips that are FREE. I spent two hours looking through books; it totally brought me back to my library days where I would spend hours in the library deciding on what books to choose. I am not sure about any other libraries but Pierce County has it down. Their site is so easy and user friendly (not being super tech savvy I like sites that are easy to use and I don’t have to know a lot about technology to get them). I loved it. They show you the cover (which is how I select a lot of my books), give you a description, tell you how many are available or how many are on the wait list already, and give you ratings from other readers; everything that I like when I am choosing a book. I went on about 7 different wait lists and they will just email me when I can download them. I put a couple on my Kindle and started a wish list of books I want to read. They have so many different options of books too. I really thought that there wouldn’t be that many as I didn’t think Kindle’s were that popular yet. However, they had thousands! Now I know there will be a day when I will head back to the Kindle Store but for now I love the library and really that means I can save my reading money for some new shoes!

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  • A real sign that you’re an addict of something is when you start to turn other people onto it, too. <– Which you have… and it's me!!! Although I'll never be able to keep up with your reading list or your iron woman training or your sweet as homemade pot pies. But I am taking credit for Jackie's Kindle addiction (that's me contributing to the Kindle addicts cycle).

    And this: "Their site is so easy and user friendly" <– A sign you're married to a techy 🙂 Jeff should be proud. And in that case, I think he should let you buy the new shoes now.

    • Ha Ha Ha yeah Jeff’s told me I need to compile a list of how many people I have turned to Kindle’s, but I will give you credit for Jackie’s though I think I should get proxy credit as I turned you on to it so I should get a share of all your conversions 😉

      I agree I think the shoes should be bought!! I mean not only am I saving money and checking out their site for the best optimization, I am also learning to code a bit so he doesn’t have to do everything for me!! So I think that deserves two pairs of shoes or at least shoes and a handbag 😉

  • OK..if you can admit your addiction..so can I !! I also have become addicted to my Kindle. It is wonderful to be able to buy books from Amazon..AND I do have it set up for library books!! But, what I really like is that some magazines that I really enjoy can be dl there too!!! Wow ..I can sit down and read WIRED from cover to cover without hauling around a big ol’ magazine.. How good can it get?

    I lub my kindle.. *grins happily*

    • So glad to hear you love your kindle too Grandmum!! I haven’t tried the magazines yet but that might have to be the next venture!! I just love how convenient it all is!! Kindle seriously changed my life and I am so happy about it!!

  • oops one more thing… amazon also has a library connection


  • My Dear Daughter, here I thought it was a passing fancy of yours, or at the least, that I was immune since I’ve been loving the feel of a real book in my hands for a lot longer than you have, but…..

    …..I’m addicted too. It started with just a little taste, you know, JUST for travel. Then I needed more, maybe for when I’m on the run. Pretty soon, its a regular alternate to my hard copies. Now I need it every night. AArrrgghhh, I’m HOOKED BAD!!

    I’ve been using the Pierce County Library too – and unlike SOME people, I actually LIVE there 😉 What I’ve found is that I’ve moved beyond my favorite fiction authors, and I’ve even been reading NON-Fiction. Autobiographies are my favorite. It started with me reading you bedtime stories, but Oh, The Places You Go!! Read On!!! Love – Dad

    • Hey Daddy,

      Yeah I sure remember the talks I had with you over Kindle’s and I am so glad to hear you love yours as much as I love mine!! Jeff says we need to keep track of how many Kindle’s I have sold and see if I could get a contract selling them 😉

      I have to say that I am still stuck on the fiction books but hopefully with the libraries selection my reading catalog will improve!!

      Thanks for giving me the gift of loving to read, not sure what I would do without it. Those nights when you would read a story to be in bed are some of my most favorite!! I hope one day when I have kids I will be able to pass the love of reading to them like you did to me.

      love you!!

  • Do you guys have an iPad? I read on my Kindle for iPad app…but because we only have one iPad, I sometimes have to share it with Scott.

    Spoiler alert: we don’t share well.

    We were thinking of getting another iPad, but I really only use mine to read on, and a Kindle would be a lot more affordable. Do you think the Kindle is actually better than the iPad as far as reading books goes?

    • Katrina,

      We both got Kindles before we moved because we also don’t share well. But for Jeff’s birthday I got him and iPad (we we got an iPad if I am honest 😉 ) and we both agree for reading purposes the kindle is the way to go. The iPad is great for lots of things but reading on the Kindle does not hurt my eyes it truly is like reading a book. When we went to Thailand Jeff used the iPad to read for a bit and he said as great as the iPad is, reading on the Kindle is better. I have only tried it once (when my Kindle ran out of battery) and I don’t like reading on the iPad. So my suggestion to you is buy a Kindle!!! Best money I have ever spent!! Let me know what you decide 🙂

  • OK, I started reading Kindle books on Michael’s iPad, key word Michael’s iPad. So I couldn’t really read when he was around because he loves his iPad and in his down time is always looking at something on it. So for Christmas he bought me a Kindle Fire. I’ve gone in phases, I read like crazy on my Kindle (magazines included – they are free on the Kindle if you have a subscription to the hard copy), but this summer I’ve reverted to good ole books. I did however get Michael going on the Kindle application on his iPad, so we are both reading away. Ahhh…summer time reading!

    • Ha Ha Ha glad to hear that you enjoy your kindle but I can’t believe you reverted back!! I am not sure I could. I mean don’t get me wrong I will still read a good ole “real” book if that’s the only availability but I will choose my kindle first every time!! Love summer time reading, its my favorite!! There’s just something about reading in the sun that makes it so wonderful. But then again I do love reading in front of the fire too during those cold stormy days. I guess what I am really trying to say is that I just love to read period.

  • I have had android for over a year and love it too. I watch movies, check FB, Email surf. I only check out my books from the library. If you get a King County card it is the same as Pierce County but they have a lot more books!!!!!

  • […] many of you know I am an addict and love my kindle more than most living things. My kindle has helped me get through many long […]

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