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I am finally teaching in Australia. It has taken awhile but I have to say I am so glad I continued to pursue it through all the hassle. Getting to teach in Australia wasn’t the easiest journey. Victoria is the hardest state to teach in, in Australia only because of their Institute of Teaching. This is where all teachers who want to teach in Victoria have to go through to get approved (or licensed). Not only are they one of the slowest moving institutions, they have just moved to an online application form. When I applied last year when we first moved here they were only taking hand written snail mail applications. Not only that, but the website does not fully explain the extent of what you need to complete the registration so there is a lot of back and forth making sure everything you submit is correct. The thing is they are not easy people to get a hold of, so it makes this process even longer.  But I can’t blame it totally on the VIT for taking so long, the FBI also made my wait to become a teacher longer. They lost my first set of fingerprints, so I had to get them done again. Yes, you read it right the FBI lost my fingerprints, how you ask I still don’t know but it sure doesn’t help me sleep better at night. Excluding all the hassle I had to go through, walking into the classroom a week ago made it worth it! I walked in and I knew “this is where I am meant to be”. Now there is a bunch of little things to get used to but overall without a doubt I know teaching is the profession I want for the rest of my life. Even not being in my own classroom, I love the kids and just that teaching feeling.

One major thing I have had to get used to (which is driving me nuts), is the fact that most of the time lessons plans are not left. I mean nothing!! I am normally getting what I will be teaching from the teacher next door in a brief ten minute chat before the kids walk in. There are no emergency sub plans; like what time things are or where things are or how things are done in the classroom and a majority of the time no class list either. I am going crazy! I think of all that time and effort I put into my sub plans so that the teacher felt comfortable in my class and it would run as smoothly as possible. Nope not here. Part of it I know is that they are way more laid back here but at the same token these kids are so smart, why aren’t the teachers taking advantage of every minute, even when a sub is there. I would love to take my school of Pioneer teachers, deposit all of us in school and see those kids blow the socks off other schools. We took advantage of every minute we had with those kids, even when there was sub. Here I feel like the teachers write off the day when a sub comes in, but not when I am the sub. Some of the kids. I think, are a bit shocked when we are actually doing work and getting stuff done rather than just playing games but this is precious time.

Another thing I am getting used to is the fact of getting up at 6:00am not knowing if I am going to work that day or not. I loved subbing back home cause I normally could get a call the night before or even weeks before since I knew the teacher,s but not here. So I get ready and sit on the couch waiting for the phone call. I never once thought I would love to hear that phone ring at 6:30 more than I do now. This must be my dream job, as I wouldn’t do this for just anything. I am not an early morning person, so 6:00am wake up calls are not my cup of tea (or coffee). But I know when that phone rings I am heading to a great day, doing what I love.

There are a few things that will never change, the kids. No matter where I teach it seems the kids are all about the same. When a sub enters a room their day is made. They love to see what they can get away with and what stories they can make up that you will believe. I feel though they are still as sweet as can be. Though they wanna have a crazy day, I think deep down the kids just love to have someone love on them. Not that these kids don’t have loving families at home but it just nice to have a complete stranger love them no matter what. I see this so much when I am in the classroom, these kids just wanna be loved.  On my first day back in the classroom, I received this from one of the little girls who I taught that day:

When I read it I knew I was meant to be in the classroom. I might not change their lives in the one day I am in their classroom but teaching is my passion and even the kids can see it. I am so thankful that I can take my gift with me no matter where I am and share it with everyone around me.

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  • Those kids are so fortunate to have you as their sub. We are so proud of you for hanging in there and working through all of the steps to get your certification. I love that you and Jeff are so happy (even though it is in Australia)!

    • Thanks Mamammama G! It is so nice to be doing something I love again. Jeff and I are happy, though it’s tough to be away from everyone. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • That is SOOOO sweet!

    • Yeah it is. Kids really do know how to boost ones self-esteem!

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